Cybersecurity is an industry where the landscape shifts every day. Northern Backup takes pride in securing our customers data from the latest threats and staying up to date on the latest attacks, trends and technology. Are you confident that your business is being properly protected in the current state of the internet and cybersecurity? Contact us now to setup your vulnerability assessment.

Employee Training

Employee Security Training

Ensure that your staff are adequately trained and informed to handle situations which could lead to a breach of your business' information.
  • Incorporate comprehensive cybersecurity training to your onboarding process.
  • Deliver your business' workplace policies and procedures through one cohesive system.
  • Run email phishing campaigns against your staff to better inform them of current email-based threats.
  • Weekly newsletters for your staff to review which include videos and articles about recent trends in cybersecurity.
  • Management access to results of all training, policy review and phishing campaigns in real time.
  • Ongoing security trainings are added on a monthly basis to further employee awareness, knowledge and confidence.
  • Participate in a comprehensive security assessment provided by corporate security professionals at no extra cost.
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Security Consultation

Leave the hard work to us:
  • Our security consultation and best-practices services will allow you to have peace of mind that your sensitive information and proprietary data is being protected adequately.
  • Should any deficiencies be discovered we can provide collaborative consultation and solutions to mitigate potential threat risks.
  • Discover the guidelines and suggestions given from the Government of Canada‚Äôs Cybersecurity Team here
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Tech Support

Voluntary Information Disclosure

  • Many business' are giving away valuable information to attackers without even knowing, which allows these malicious parties to execute their attacks with ease.
  • Find out what publicly available information exists on the internet about your business and how we can assist with mitigating this risk.
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Pillars of Cybersecurity Strategy

  1. Policy - Organizations must develop and implement policies for acceptable use of systems, handling confidential data, passwords and email.
  2. Process - Robust process is fundamental to security by establishing known procedures, workflows and channels of communication.
  3. Products - Technological security products must be put in place to actively mitigate threats. (Anti-virus, email filtering, traffic filtering, etc.)
  4. People - Turn weakness in to strength. Continuous security training for employees promotes awareness, empowerment and confidence when navigating the internet
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Pillars of Cybersecurity